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Battery charging for PI TOP 2015 edition

 Anyone facing the battery charging problem? Mine are totally not charging.

Suspect it might BMS problem or battery not fully activate or awaken.

My suggestion are can PI-TOP release the software bin or batch file to activate the battery.

Just my 2 cent opinion.


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Did you check if the hub connetor is plugged into battery compartment connector? :)


Yes, the hub is fully insert.
I am having the same problem. I disassembled and re-assembled the hub, so I am certain that the  hub is fully inserted. I have also waited to see if the battery is re-charging, but it isn't.


it seem like the battery is not woken from sleep. After woken it will like charging.

Or might be the BMS itself bad.

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Yes, what hasn't happened is clear enough. But why I wrote is on the off-chance that there's a fix I haven't thought of.


At first, my battery neither charged nor was recognised by the battery monitor. However, this was because I had missed the step of fitting the nut on the screw next to the battery connector. After screwing this down, the battery and monitor worked fine - in fact battery life seems great! 

I do screw the nut. But, look like I have no luck on charging.
Mind to capture the battery charging icon? Or maybe you can type 'battery' on terminal to see the status. Mine status is error.
I get the same status.

I get the same status.

I've filed a ticket for the problem, and asked about the possibility of getting a replacement.


I have one question, does your battery base will feel warm for those who succefully charging? For my one, it is not warm at all. Therefore , the battery are not charging.
Hi CG,
The battery compartment was not warm to the touch even when loading at my Pi-Top.
The only indicator of the status are:
If switched off the pulsating power button light
If switched on the battery indicator on the dashboard


also my battery isn't charging...


This is what I see when I type battery into terminal:

pi@pi-top ~ $ battery

State: Discharging

Remaining time: 644 mins

Capacity: 79%

and this is what I get when its charging

State: Charging

Remaining time: 122 mins

Capacity: 78%