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enabling ethernet

 The Pi has an ethernet connection, so just out of curiosity I tried booting with a cable attached to my router. The cable lights up, so I know it is detected, but the Pi-Top boots part of the way, then turns off.

I haven't checked the logs yet, but I suspect that the initial scripts are looking for a wireless connection.

Can anyone offer any suggestions? This is hardly a game stopper, but I want to test the limits and see if there's a quick work around.

By contrast, a USB mouse is detected and becomes functional without any difficulty.

 If you plug in the ethernet after logging in, you can use it freely.

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That seems like a pretty serious bug


I should elaborate: Once I plugged in the ethernet after login, afterwards I could always boot with it plugged in.


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Did you have to modify your case to connect the Cat5 cable? On mine, I can't even see the ethernet port from outside the case.

All I needed was to slide open the plastic cover.


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