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Where are the STL files?

Hi,  I have ordered the CEED, and I would like to be able to switch between desktop and laptop mode.

I don't know whether the same 13" screen is used for the Pi-Top and the CEED, but it would be nice to have access to the STL files to modify otherwise.

Would you please make the STL files available for download?

Many thanks

Brian Williams

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3 Years and counting. Still no files to be found...

I'm interested that an Open Soruce Notebook chassis for every kind of Open Source notebook project, there is someone that is interested?
There is some 3D cad designer?


Hi Samantha, I think you're absolutely right to open this topic, i really appreciate your approach to this! I have commented on the obvious points as far as my short involvement with my Pi-Top began last year after I read up on an article published by RS Components Co through their "Design Spark" magazine. They were promoting another product in their LoRaWan range and identified the Pi-Top as a development platform to program, connect and be mobile to test out the possibilities of IoT and cheap Internet connection because the LoRaWan has a line of sight range of around 15KM. I am now interested in developing a domestic monitor for elderly and vulnerable adults so far so good.

But when i recently ordered a pair of Pi-Top speakers that need a dev board to connect them together, just so that I had a convenient way to view YouTube etc, I was surprised to see how they did not fit as the case is too narrow! The RPi is forced to be so close to the USB opening, the USB right-angled connector for the keyboard protrudes so far beyond the opening that if the Pi-Top were dropped there is a chance the RPi will be damaged. Maybe a narrower connector can be prototyped but the speakers need as big a separation for the stereo image to be effectively produced. Its as good as it could get at present?

So I believe you are probably in as good a position as anybody to start the ball rolling. The Github website as far as I can see gives us all a means to register a design and to permit others to use, in your case your own version number and design to incorporate their own ideas as variants of your design. Later versions of your design can then incorporate these other contributions in a controlled and registered collaboration. I do not see any difficulties arising if you use a Creative Commons copyright to permit this two-way collaboration where literally everybody is a winner!

So I am waiting... actually I've got a lot of reading and research to do but I can't wait to see your first contributions. What printer are you considering?*

* I want to build a larger printer from a smaller model using a design from the Instructables website called "Project Locus". I'm still buying parts and I am not able to print anything yet but I hope to start before the end of the year. Like yourself there are so many other things...

I hope at least some of this is useful?

I know I'm reopening this (Sorry!), but has anyone tried to design their own case?  I'm a novice at 3D design, so my design isn't working.  Besides, if someone does create their own version of the .STL files, I'm sure at least a few people would appreciate it if they posted links or files here.

I wish that meant something. They said something similar in the reddit posting I put up. That posting was a while ago now. I don't know if we will ever get the files.

If this helps, I sent a ticket in asking about the files, and this is what I got:



Hi Samantha,

Thanks for getting in touch. Regarding the STL files, we are currently conducting tests on the file until we believe that it is at a satisfactory level of quality, for public release.

Thank you for all your support and joining us on this journey.


Not sure if this means anything, but in case you wanted to know ...

More chance of seeing God, it seems. 

This is insane to me. The whole premise of the pi-top was that it was to be a 3d printable laptop. I understand all too well the complications of 3d printing something thin and flat but we were promised stl files. I don't understand why this has just been swept under the rug...

Has anybody thought of the chaos that would result from an ifinite number of .stl mods? Linux has paved the way for opensource contributions by forming a panel of code reviewers and validators whose selections are based on good practice and engineering qualification to result in a consistent result of selected code representing the professional CV of worldwide contributions many of which are selected by companies looking for creative programmers! Surely the place to request such as .stl resources would be in private conversation under a NDA. Summaries of progress could then be shared at a later date. This discussion has ceased to be of any use other than empty griping. Please show a little consideration for those people have already and who are continuing to contribute huge effort to get the latest version of the products out to appreciative customers while supporting this forum FOC.

Many thanks in advance!
I have noted the Pi 3 gets extremely hot with the cover shut even with heatsinks attached. Running graphics and videos makes the situation far worse. I have looked at examples of active cooling on YuToob and found some micro fans that attached directly to the first 4 of the GPIO pins giving a temperature of approximately 40 degrees with nuts and bolts to fix to predrilled holes of a primate transparent case. So any mods you may consider to the Pi-Top or CEED must make an arrangement for active cooling for the Pi3 users out there!
If anybody is interested in carbon neutral ABS filament I am looking at supplying a line of either filament or extrusion ready granules. A free sample is offered to reviewers of this new European model "T" ABS polymer. I refer in topic to the discussion of 3D printing opportunities or solutions. I trust this offer does not infringe the Constitution of the Pi-Top forum in any way?
Perhaps we can work this out amicably with contributions from our membership or as you say with a bit of reverse engineering if you are so motivated to contribute yourself? If there are reasons for a hold up given the day to day challenges of setting something up completely from scratch and where original projections have not matched demand for resources and you are alone trying desperately to hold it all together to honour the expectations of everybody nonetheless, it would be a relief from torment that a little understanding materialised from time to time. In some sense, before there can be receiving, there must be giving. Does anybody see the rationale here? I would appreciate any feedback to help me with a wider and more inclusive understanding? With thanks, Alexandra

The whole thing was supposed to be open, yet where is the documentation on the hub, other than the graphic of the pinouts?  Where are the documented routines that the hub uses?  

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Agreed Brian. Im having many issues with parts of this machine but the stl files were part of the deal. I'm about to just draw it up myself and post it to thiniverse. These guys should have all sorts of funding by know to share these files considering we bought 80 bucks in parts for 5x that. Where's the pi top members, administration, etc at? Let's here it again
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