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Pi-Tpo OS

Does anybody know how to get, download and install Pi-Top OS to a SD card? My SD card has stopped working. Phil

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do you have an email address to send links?

I aswered you post about an hour ago, but moderation did not moderate that answer.
I don't know if it has been prevented to be published...


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https www dot pi-top dot com slash download slash pi-topOS


https www dot pi-top dot com slash download slash dashboard

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( the only way to bypass moderation was to remove link format )


You are indeed a gem. Thank you.

I'm wondering whether the procedure to get it onto an SD card will be the same as Raspbian?

Once it is downloaded I'm anticipating expanding the zip file then copying the content to the SD card.

Curious. My iMac only managed half of the download before cutting out (twice). However, an ageing Acer Aspire netbook running Lubuntu appears to be doing just fine.

 I think the procedure is the same.

one image, 2 partitions

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I've downloaded it yesterday full download ( very slow ) but ok.


Up to 1.6Gb out of 2.3Gb. Trembling with anticipation.

unzipped will be about 7 GB


Fixed now :O)

Bt Jimminy.......that was a lot of fuss.

Try Flashing an SD card using a Mac.

If you need to do it, look for a piece of software called PiFiller.

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Gonna try this as I have a spare 32GB micro SD somewhere and could use the extra space. Thanks heaps :-)
Can anyone tell me how I get the Batteery Monitor app to show battery status on the Raspbian Status Bar. I added the app but it reports "No battery found'. If I entery 'battery' into the terminal Pi-TopOS reports charge status. Can these two be connected in some way Sorry to ask but I'm a newbie to Linux and Raspberry Pi et al.

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Wow. Pi-TopOS download is weird in Chrome. It started at 20 minutes. Now at 0.5GB it jumps between 22 hours and 1 day. Now down to 15 hours. Up to 2 days and back to 22 hours and so forth. Quite an unusual feedback. Nothing else running. ADSL 2+ from Perth Western Australia sometimes is slow but never this bad.

Anyone else have similar issues?

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