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Y key lazy

The Y key on my keyboard is unreliable. Most of the time the pi-top has't seen the keystroke.

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 I have the same issue with a number of keys. The left shift key, p and -.

Quite annoying

Same problem with multiple keys, renders the keyboard useless if typing out a line of code takes 5 or more attempts...any thought pi-top?

Same issue here. Space bar.

I don't want to be rude, but it seems that the pitop team is spending more time on the new pet kickstart project CEED then helping out with problems with their 'old' project :(


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I've been promised a replacement keyboard. Most of my number keys don't work at all. Could the keyboard be a general problem?

same problem with some keys, are your guys keyboard also warped ? does it lift top middle ? it not sitting flush with the battery cover

I have the same problem with the "N" key.  In fact it is quite literally "IMPOSSIBLE" to type on the keyboard

without WATCHING every key as you press it to confirm that it registers.   For touch typists such as myself, this is a giant step in the wrong direction.  If you look at the direction pi-top is moving it seems clear that they recognize and acknowledge that they chose a horrible keyboard, and decided to omit that mistake with their newer product the pi-top CEED.  On this new product they don't even provide a keyboard/touchpad requiring you to provide your own USB keyboard and mouse.

Mine has issues with the A key, to be honest I thought I had not assembled it correctly, so the keyboard was not laying flat.

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