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Make a Pi-top behave like a RaspberryPi

 I posted an instructable listing all the information needed to make a pi-top work like the standard RaspberryPi. It is on instructables,com, go there and search for pi-top.

Thanks for your instructable, this will be very helpful. It's a shame that pi-top doesn't provide any documentation on its site, and even hide the pi-topOS image...

I have just received my pi-top, and I intend to the following hacks :

- install a raspbian (I find pi-topOS cumbersome and slow)

- add what is needed to have functional buttons for screen dimming and powering off, and a valid battery status

- install an internal HDD and boot on it (actually external, but inside ;)...)

- set the keyboard to french (with stickers, I really miss my accents ;)...)

- put intermediate cables between the 40-pin connector and the GPIO, with only the useful ones (AFAIK, only I2C (for battery) and SPI are used)

I will share any information I can get, if no one has find it beforehand.


Hi Jack, I cannot find your instructables, any way you can post a link? I would love to switch to raspbian.

Also, to François, is there a pinout available for the GPIO that are required by the HUB?

I didn't had much time to investigate further. For now, as far as I know, it seems that the hub requires I2C (for battery status) and SPI (for power on/off and screen dimming). But this is just by roughly comparing a standard Raspbian to a pi-topOS.

To prove that, one need to put intermediate connectors between the 40-pin and the GPIO, and to remove them one by one until it doesn't work anymore ;)...

Hope that helps...

This forum does not allow posting links. You can find my instructable by going to and using their search facility to search  for pi-top.


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