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I tried a quiz several times and not sure how to choose an answer. It seems incomplete so I'm assuming there's more content and functionality come, All I can do is exit. Am I doing it wrong?

Hi Kelly, This issue has been reported and the Pi team are aware. Apparently you should be able to click the answers but it does not register this at the moment, they said an update is in the pipe line in a week or two. I noticed that it will register an attempt as been made if you click 'exit' to return.

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Just fired the Pi-Top. An update is available which has fixed this issue. :)
* up

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When I launch CEED Universe a dialog box opens and asks me if I want to install an update.  When I click yes it launches the login screen for CEED Universe and doesn't appear to continue with the update installation.  Any ideas on what I am doing wrong or how to get the update installed so I can start working through the lessons?



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I think some basic navigation and keyboard functions needs to be added. Perhaps a Help button with a get you started section?

I've learned to use the 'w', 'a', 's' and 'd' keys for movement. The 'e' key seems to initiate items and conversation. The 'b' key displays something and appears to be connected with the number keys.

I have performed the 'print' operations but cannot get the nano-printer to start. Anyone have any ideas? Also how is progress save? Is it automatic, or is there a 'save' key I've missed?

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