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SD Card

Why does the Pi-Top OS come on a SD Card when the R-PI2 requires a Micro SD Card?

Can you copy the SD to a Micro SD?


I think you will find that the Micro SD card is inserted into the SD card, which is just an adaptor

Thanks. I found it. 

Another question. Another question. On step 5, Install Raspberry Pi, it says to screw the PCB screws into the bottom of the RPi, but I don't see any where to screw them. There are no threads that I can see in which to screw the screws. The same thing for Step 4-4, Secure Hub. I don't see any where to put the screws into the bottom of the Hub or RPi'

Thanks and I appreciate your response on this special day.


The PCB mounting screws screw into the ends of the four spacers fitted onto the RPi at step 1-2.. 

The one end of the screw is the hex head that the allen key fits into. The other end has the nut. There are no threads.

Do I have the wrong hardware?

The first screws you have to use are gold coloured each with their nut onto the 2 PCB.
The silver screws are need to secure the boards in the pi-top.
As such the silver coloured screws go in the gold coloured screws/spacers.
The sandwich bottom to top: silver screw, pi-top bottom plastic, gold coloured screw, PCB and last but nu least the nut.
You should have got a small plastic bag with 10 nuts, 10 silver coloured screws, 10 gold coloured screws/spacers and 2 Allen keys.
At the end you should have as spares 2 silver screws, 2 gol coloured screw and 1 nut.


OK, got it. I was using the wrong screws.

thanks for the assistance.

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