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Hello, just put together my pi-top. My experience with this keyboard is rather disappointing, not sure if I got a faulty one or if the company just sprang for bottom of the barrel boards. The keys are half of the time unresponsive when pressed, and even when I press down hard with every stroke, as though you would an old fashioned typewriter, I still only get about 90% successful keystroke senses. Is anyone else experiencing this type of behavior with their keyboard?

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Not as bad as you experience, just the "Y" key misses quite a bit of key presses.


I got mine today and it is the same, but my thought wasn't that it is broken, just REALLY REALLY BAD.

I took the habit many years ago to feel/test the keyboard before I buy a laptop. Back then I bought a laptop I hadn't tested and I almost never used it. Now it will probably be the same.

The thing is: Many things can make a laptop boring, being slow, being noisy, etc. But I've learned that if the keyboard is bad I will never use it. With this laptop I took me about 2 mins to write my email-address.

I hope there will come some form of replacement keyboard.

This keyboard is so bad that I'd even pay a lot of money for a working keyboard, because as it is now I just lost 300 USD.

It is sad, because otherwise I'm really happy with the laptop. I have pictures of me happily playing with it. But argh, that keyboard.

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My keyboard is terrible as well, I'd really wish they had gone with a normal generic keyboard rather than making a whole new one... anything is better than this keyboard! Okay, not anything... no keyboard is worse but not by much.. :( 

several keys are unresponsive, they require a hard press to work.

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Same problem here. Keyboard keys are lazy. In my case number 1 key pretty much needs to be pounded to register. Not impressed considering the time I had to wait, and that my order was lost until I made an enquiry. Also my mouse is periodically erratic and jumps all over the place. Finally the update doesn't. Just sits on "connecting" until it times out. Don't seem to be able to use terminal either. Commands type in but Enter key doesn't work. Overall a bit of a $400 AUD disappointment. ATM I think a $400 AUD cheap laptop and Linux would acheive better results.
I filed a ticket, they responded rather quickly and are going to send me a replacement, hopefully this changes things....ill stay hopeful for now.
I should mention, they are sending a replacement keyboard.
Thanks Max. Just filed a ticket as well. I'm using a Logitech K400r wireless keyboard/keypad combo at present which seems fine. However, it sort of defeats the purpose of the Pi-Top laptop. But I have a temporary work around so I'll use it for now.
I've put the Trackpad sensitivity at 20 and that helps a lot to keep the mouse under control.


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Thanks Ivo. It seems to have fixed my problem. As for my keys the feedback from Pi-Top is to gently remove the affected key-cap and blow into the key mechanism to see if there is any debris to be dislodged. Other than that the keyboard seems a typical "Chicklet" style and adequate rather that astounding. Mine seems to be working fine now. I think most of my issues are being relatively new to Linux and Raspbian.

Ian, glad to hear your keyboard is better. Linux can be a big pill to swallow, but eventually it is pretty amazing. Code Academy has a pretty descent tutorial on how to use the terminal, and I am sure you can find loads of tutorials online as well these days.

Waiting three months for keyboard replacement. Heard Alan make many promises, no results. Three times it was sent here to the USA, only to lost by the shipper. Not real customer service...


I did not expect the keyboard to be great. The only persistent that I have is using the space bar right end. Have to press space bar dead center or it is not going to register, Grrr!!!


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