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Keyboard and Updating

I am having problems downloading the update. I tried this morning for 2 hours and it still isn't done. Also, I am unable to login since all I get when I use Shift+2 is Double Quotes ", so I can't type the @ symbol.

Is this something I can fix? I am connected to the Internet, so I don't know why I can't complete the download. All other keys seem to function correctly.



OK, I got logged in, but the update still hasn't downloaded. My internet connection isn't that slow. 

Hi John, I got a response to my ticket very quickly. My "1" key was not registering. I was told to carefully pry off the keycap and blow into the key mechanism as some dust or manufacturing debris may have got in accidentally. well this seems to have done the trick. My keys seem to be responding quite well now. he keyboard is typical "Chicklet" which makes touch typing a bit of a task. Happily I'm pretty much "hunt and peck" so my slow style suits the keyboard.   Cheers, Ian

The update can be found under the "Solutions" heading at top of screen. look for "Patch1" and follow the instructions. it seems the automated update didn't function this time. Regards, Ian

Actually fix didn't work on the "Enter" key. It only responds when key-cap is removed and direct pressure is placed on the underlying mechanism. Also my keyboard is quite bowed upwards around the top right-hand edge of the module.

I've placed a ticket and meanwhile revereted back to my Logitech k400r wi-fi keyboard/mousepad combo. It works very well. It even mimics UK keyboard on the Pi-Top if left as is. If you change to US keyboard then the keys are as displayed on K400r.

Further experiments with external keyboards. 

I happen to have a Hewlett-Packard KBRF7171 WiFi keyboard and mouse combo from my Pavilion 500 PC. This is another chick-let style keyboard, but this time a full board. As you can see it's working fine, so this is another option for those that need a solution while a new keyboard module wings its way to you. The reason that this keyboard is lying around is that it a terrible - probably the worst layout I've ever used - so be warned.

I''m sure you'll find most Microsoft and Logitech combos will work fine. If you just need a WiFi mouse then I'd guess the Microsoft and Logitech models will also work fine.

Cheers, Ian

My replacement keyboard arrived today. I've installed it and it seems fine so far. Not really a touch-type keyboard, but quite adequate for day to day web browsing, emails, etc. I quite like the right-hand mouse pad, but left-handed users may disagree. Very prompt delivery from Pi-Top before Christmas. I wasn't expecting to receive it until the New Year. Thanks guys

I learned to touch type on a ZX Spectrum! Think yourself lucky!

Hi Ian, how long did it take to get your replacement keyboard? I requested a replacement keyboard & screen last week and have heard nothing since.
I lodged a support ticket in early November 2015 and the keyboard module arrived mid December 2015. Support contacted me via email and we tried a few possible fixes before concluding that the keyboard was unusable. Have you been contacted and tried any fixes? Make sure you raise a ticket. I recently raised a ticket when I installed an RPi3. They were quick to advise me to download and reinstall pi-topOS Jessie for the RPi3. It seems to have fixed my problems.
Yes, I've been through that process. I also had the problem with my RPi3 and the new OS cured that. When you ordered the replacement keyboard, did you get an acknowledgement email?
Hi Kate, yes you should get an email from Pi-Top acknowledging your ticket. Mine arrived in a couple of days. Each time the tech support will probably suggest you undertake a series of tests and confirm your results. Even if you've performed these before, go through them in order requested. It makes life easier and confirms the problem. The tech support person will place an order for the defective component(s) on your behalf. They'll usually give an estimate on how long it should take. I've found support to be helpful and patient, provided you are similarly disposed. I'm not associated with Pi-Top other than as a customer. I believe them to be honest and diligent, if somewhat new to this enterprise. All the best. Ian
I downloaded pi-topOS two days ago and it took nearly 3 hours. Not sure what the issue is, but the finished image is 3GB zipped. Raspbian Jessie is about 1.5GB and takes about half as long. I guess CEED, Dashboard, etc take up the extra space. It's a nice GUI. Better in many ways than Windows 8 and 10. I certainly prefer it to them.
Hi Ian, I've been in a dialogue with support re my problems. They gave me a link to a form to order the replacement parts. I completed it for the keyboard and screen, but have not received acknowledgement of the order.
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