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Keyboard is warped and has sticky keys

my keyboard is lifting up in the top middle part and some keys like "a" does not always work the first time.

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Yes, I have this problem. Unfortunately, I do not think there is a solution without a keyboard mechanism redesign (or tighter manufacturing tolerances). I've ordered a Bluetooth dongle at hope that I'm able to use one of my extra low profile keyboards with the pi-top. This is one reason why the 3D STL files should be released as promised. I for one would like to look into designing a pi-top keyboard cover which can incorporate a third-party keyboard. One like the original, smaller Microsoft Surface Type Cover.

I also have the warped keyboard problem - with the grey pi-top.   The keyboard is flat before being locked down into the ball-headed screws, but the sockets on the keyboard are wider apart than the ball-heads and once clicked into place the keyboard is inevitably bowed.

This did not happen on a green pi-top - apparently better manufactured to tolerances. 


This issue is caused by the Base Top being pushed down on top of the HDMI and USB wires! If you take your Base Top off and ensure the wires route closer to the PCBs it'll solve your issues :)


Did as Josh said, but still not perfect. (Grey Pi-Top) 


I have also made sure that no cables are causing obstructions. Can you tell me if the keyboard support underneath the F7 key is resting on and touching the metal battery shield? I noticed that my bow occurs between the F9 and F11 keys.

Rod, Exactly as you describe mine not yet flush still small cap under F7 key support.... i have to press the keyboard down around the F7 for it to touch
I have problems with a few keys...mostly t and :. I also have the gray pi-top.


well... my number 6 button came off... and number 5 is on its way...

It was even before getting it assembled...

Emailed and waiting for a reply...

My touchpad seems to have a mind of its own whenever I touch it. I've adjusted the sensitivity already on it. Yes, I too have warped keyboard issues and I'm wondering if that has anything to do with the "touchy" touchpad. Some of my keys stick a bit too. I've already taken it back apart several times to make sure nothing is bunched up underneath. Anybody have any solutions for these issues? Is there a way to contact the manufactures or is this forum our only hope?

how do you take the base top off without breaking it?

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Hi Gomez,

You can get in touch with us on with the details and we'll get someone to look into your issue within the next 24 hours.

All the best,


Hello, I was able to fix my warped keyboard problem by running the USB power and HDMI cable over the foot that sits under the F8 key, and sticking the keyboard USB cable out as much as possible, while re-installing the keyboard assembly in place. I then tucked all the cable out of the way as much as possible. My keyboard is now flat :) No on to try to fix the no-brightness issue when the SPI interface is enabled. that one is the worst!


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