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USB Access Port (Too Small)

The case design of the pi-top does not seem to consider that users might want to plug USB devices into the raspberry pi within the case, or they would have made the

side access hole BIGGER!  There is NO ROOM to plug USB devices into the raspberry pi or to plug in the ethernet cable.  Why is the hole so small?  Why couldn't you make the hole big enough to accommodate 4 USB devices and the ethernet


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Don't forget you have a internal usb port on the hub. I have mine plugged into a esp8266 on the protoboard.

Hm-m-m, USB Hub?

I think i have seen powered 4 port hubs thatt would fit nicely. 

No, I have no need for Ethernet extension. I don't have an Ethernet connection.

Kate Preston: And Ethernet extension too :)

I think it might make sense if someone built a module that you plug in to the two ports you can access, then it sits flush with the edge of the case. If the Pi design changes any further - just get a new module.


It seems pretty clear that this is intended as a cable routing hole (in the style of the old Apple II series computers) rather than a USB port hole. Open the perspex lid to plug and unplug devices, then route the cable through the hole. If you don't have room to plug in your USB devices it means you've mounted the Pi too close to the cable hole.


I have accumulated a few usb extension cables which I can utilise when I need them.
If you move the Raspberry Pi closer to the Hub, you should have no problem plugging in four USB devices and an Internet cable. If necessary, you can also slide open the cover when adding or removing devices.


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