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Sound (Please)

I saw on the pi-top CEED kickstarter page that one of the push goals was to make a $15.00 speaker add-on for the pi-top CEED.  Will this $15.00 add-on work with the standard pi-top as well as the CEED?  Can you share (if you know) how this sound system will work?  Does it connect to the 3.5mm 4-conductor audio/video connector on the Raspberry Pi 2.0?  Does it connect to the hub somewhere and pull audio out of the HDMI system?  Does it utilize a USB sound system and use-up to one of the USB ports?  Do you know how big the speakers will be?  Are they stereo?  Will one have volume control from the pi-top keyboard volume keys on the top row?

When will they be available for order?

The updated the pi-top CEED web page to answer some of these questions.  The project was fully funded, so it will be produced.  The MONO speaker is about 2 inches square, and they will be available around the May/June 2016 timeframe.  There is still no mention of where the connection method used to pick-off the sound.

Will the CEED sound module fit and work with the Pi-Top? It seems to me this is about the only thing missing apart from a hard drive..

Hi Ian,

It will work with 100% compatibility.

Kind regards,


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