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Battery / Power problems

When my Pi-top is charged I'd unplug it from the wall but immediately the pi top would turn off. For a while all i'd have to do is try to remember to shut down when its charged then unplug it. However, perhaps i forgot to do that one to many times now I get no indication of battery charge, nor does the pi top power up without being plugged into the wall. Its become highly inconvenient and Im not sure whats damaged or how to fix it, what can be done?Thank you very much

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Thank you Ivo

Does anybody know where the Version 2 battery firmware has gone? I've been trying the link on amazonaws and it says forbidden. Trying the first firmware update to no avail.

I guess that I have a version 1.  I guess too that I am flat out of luck with getting this resolved.  I guess too that I will retract my recommendation of the Pi-Top to my club members in our newsletter.   I guess that this is a $200+ lesson about the Pi-Top folks.  I can't understand  how Pi-Top is still in business when it turns its back on its users.  Guess what, users talk about their experiences on other raspberry-pi boards. My unit was a Christmas Present (Dec. 2017).  Now it has crapped-out. Not very good at all.  This means from my perspective the MTBF is about 2 weeks. (MTBF=Mean Time Between Failures).  At their non-support I am surprised this company still exists. 

Alan M suggested that I loosen a screw on a non-existent cooling bridge.  I am hoping that I can get this resolved.  Does anybody know anything about the version 1 / original pi-top or am I just gonna flap in the wind? This model does NOT have the rails.  So far no good.  At this point I would rate support at a -3 just for claiming it exists when it does not.  It is supposed to be approaching 10 am in U,K,

You have a version 1 pi-top.

 What issue you have?




What issue do you have?



Hello Hugh, As you are being advised you have a version 1. Pi-Top, may I ask you when you bought yours? Also did you buy yours from a UK based supplier? With thanks, Alexandra

It was purchased in November, 2017 for a Christmas gift.  It was purchased at Sparkfun.  If the 90 day is done and I am in a YOYO (You're On Your Own) I will not be happy.  Had I known I would have had this experience I would have opted for something else from my wife.  I see that I am not alone in the issue.

I haven’t had any problems getting replacement batteries from Pi Top. Both my early models had the problem, one early on, one recently. I advise you to contact the company directly via the support mechanism as they have been most helpful.

I am still sitting here with zero voltage from a battery that is not charging on my version 1 pi-top that I regret having ever gone near.   Is there any support here?  I m tired of this runaround BS.  I would like to get the damn issue resolved.  Do you sense a little of my frustration?  There is too much talk and not enough action.

And you filed a support ticket? Twice I have been scared by everything I have read in this thread and twice I have just filled out a support ticket and received a replacement free

As far as I know I have.  However, everything is so loosey goosey s far as how to actually open a support issue.  I am retired from 41 years of IT.  I really regret getting started with this damn pi-top.y.  Apparently this not seen or heard a damn s is a trunk of the car operation.  Like I said - there are questions and comments but I have not gotten anywhere near and answer to the problem.   MY COMMENT IS DO NOT BUY ANY PI-TOP PRODUCTS SINCE THERE IS NO SUPPORT.  I do not want any more comments I want some damn action.  This is a BS operation.  Mickey Mouse is jealous.

I too am having this issue. I submitted a ticket says ago and I have heard NOTHING. I have a 300$ piece of junk now...

I've got the second dead battery now, with not very much usage. For my first replacement battery took about a month until it arrived. 

Now I'm dicussing since 4 weeks, and they are closing my ticket every week without any change. 

I'm really frustrated and will communicate this to my network if I can't see any change in a week. The support is awful to say it clearly!

Hi Peter,

The key is here: "with not very much usage".

Once the battery cells (one of four is enough) drops below 3,5 volt, the Smart Battery Module around the BQ40Z60 blocks any charging or discharging of the Lion battery.

Aside ordering a new Base Module from Pi-Top (you got 2 year warranty in the EU), there is little you can do.

Please explain your case and ask for a Spare Parts Order Form which you can fill in on-line.

What happened with your first defective Base Module?

My snail mail address is to be found on the Internet. So if you like you can mail me, properly packaged, for me to try to recover your battery.


Ivo J. L. Arthur Van Ursel

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