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Installing Epiphany Web Browser

I find the scrolling speed of the installed Chromium browser unusably slow. Has anyone installed the Raspberry Pi Foundation's Epiphany browser?  

Epiphany Browser works well, and, unlike Chrome) does not keep nagging you to update it (which you can't). Do not understand why Chrome is default installed browser. 

Well I started Debian Jessie distro on pi-top and Epiphany comes here by default.

Scrolling within any flash site is also considerably slow. You can scroll down but all you are seeing is checked  background and after several seconds (2-5 depending on site's size) you can see rendered layout.

I am now in process of changing cubietruck instead of raspberry (approx. twice better performance). I will let you know my findings...

I think it will take some time, because pi-top does not seem to be prepared for different size boards, what Cubieboard exactly is :)

Anyway, I'll post some...

Another advantage of epiphany - you can log into your Google account and get at Calendar, Contacts, Mail etc. - which does not seem to be possible with Chrome (always says server is busy). Interestingly Google seems to think I have signed in with Safari on a Mac rather than epiphany on a Raspberry Pi. This is all on the pi-top wheezy distribution.

I'll try Epiphany because I'm tired of Chromium nagging me to update when there is none, and I can't seem to install a Flash equivalent. I tried Midori but it's no better and can't render many sights either.
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