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Pine A64

Interesting low cost computer board. Looks like it could be an upgrade path for a pi-top? Is it possible?



It does look as though it would work with a pi-top. In particular it has a 40 pin raspberry-pi connector which should work the same. It also has a 34 pin Euler Bus connection - but this will definitely not work with the pi-top hub connector as it is quite different even if physically compatible. Details can be found on website which has a good forum (rather better than this one). Anyway I decided to buy one to try (though I don't expect it till April).

Looks like the Pi3 does much the same thing and will fit pi-top better

Agreed, although 2GB would be nice. I wonder if this new board will be able to keep better track of date/time? My last one kept losing that info and I had to manually reset it each time I booted. Or, will you need the pitopPROTO board to get that capability?

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