pre-announcement: pi-topOS

Hi everyone,

New year, new features! 2015 was an intense year for the Dev Team at pi-top. Our small team have worked hard to improve the operating system (OS). Monday we will be releasing the update to all pi-top family members.

Have a great weekend making!


pi-top Team


I'm from Viet Nam. I am using Pi-topOS, but I do not know the password of the user pi-top to be able to install the application. Can you help me?

Thanks a lot!


Sorry to use Google Translate!

Please contact as they will be able to help you resolve this matter. Thank you :)

Hey there just got my pi-ceed and already enjoying it. I plan to use it in the classroom as part of  a technology curriculum.

Just wondering about updates. I tried following the update post but the script is missing. Any advice greatly appreciated.


that particular script is still there. it has been renamed though.  it is now called pt-battery.

not only the battery problem does not seem fixed, but now the battery script is hidden somewhere...

Will this update do anything to address the failure of pi-tops to charge their batteries?

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Good. Update works and pi-top improved as a result. Now if we could have something to make the GPIO and Audio usable that would be great!

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