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Pi3 Bluetooth

Just installed a Pi3 and sdcard supplied by Pi-Top into my pi-top and found the Pi3 appears to be much quicker than the Pi2 it replaced.

To get the Pi3's onboard wi-fi working I had to connect with wired ethernet and then in terminal do:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

 followed by a reboot.   

However, I can't get the Pi3's onboard bluetooth to work. I've tried: 

sudo apt-get install pi-bluetooth

which installed the newest version of pi-bluetooth and allowed me to use bluetooth with a USB dongle, but the pi3 internal bluetooth adaptor doesn't appear listed as an adaptor.

Has anybody else got this problem or found a solution? 

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@rene. yup I followed those to a 't' but the pairing still appears to fail
So I ran through it again and now have what appears to be a connection (little icons red green blue) flashing and saying connected
So I opened bluetooth devices dialogue , I see my 1byone keyboard , I right click and pair, then icons appear orange green and blue, signal strength and link quality optimal (All promising appears to be working), BUT when i try to type something into terminal for example using the keyboard or move the mouse nothing happens!
Also the icons disappear after about 20 seconds and the device appears to no longer be paired
I do have WiFi on at the moment, could this be the issue with sharing BT and wifi internally or is that fixed?



I am actually having a similar issue with Pixel and a logitech Dinovo edge bluetooth keyboard.  The keyboard worked fine and connected O.K. on an install of Raspbian Jessie (5-23-16 i think) on a pi zero (not relevant to the forums, I know!).  I tried updating that image to Pixel, and the keyboard wouldn't connect anymore.  I also tried a fresh image of raspbian pixel,  keyboard still won't connect. 

After I get the pi-top updated, I will see if I can track this issue down  as I said, I know it's not relevant to the forums, but its the same OS. 

---Jesse Moore

Just tested the logitech Dinovo Edge Bluetooth keyboard with PIXEL the newest Pi-topOS without needing to install blueman or reinstall pi-bluettooth.  I am using a usb bluetooth adapter though.

 I had to type the pairing code once then type in a second code when it requested it.  but....

It paired fine and woks.

I will retest with the Pi zero board. but it should work. 

Should Bluetooth with RPI3 out of the box with 2016-09-30-pi-topOS?

i know have the latest and greatest pi-topOS 12/02/16 and the bluetooth has gotten way far but it is no connecting to my samsung bluetooth sound bar it says I need to go to the audio menu to connect. So I download pulse audio but that says fatal error! any ideas?

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