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Pi-Top Proto - Faulty?

I just got my Pi-Top Proto. 

It installed easily in the case, but on startup, the Pi-Top lost wifi or did other odd things (not finding account, trying to set up as if a new machine). I tried it with both of my Raspberry Pis and both SD cards, and with two different wifi dongles. Nothing. Unplugged the Pi-Top Proto and everything works fine as before.

Has anyone else had this issue? Has the Pi-Top Proto been tested?

Hello Stuart,
I have exact the same issue.
Can you please send in a support ticket for this issue?
Thank you!
Ivo J. L. A. Van Ursel


Hi Ivo, Thanks. Sorry to hear you are having the same issue. I have sent in a support ticket, but so far no reply. I will share anything that I find out. Regards, Stuart

I wanted to report back on this. I still have heard nothing from Pi-Top Support. However, in the meantime, I can say that the Sense Hat from Element 14, connected directly on top of the Proto Shield does work. However, all of the other circuits that I have tried (a) don't work when wired to the Proto Shield but (b) do work when wired directly to the GPIO pins of the Raspberry Pi.

Can anyone offer any advice on this?

Much appreciated!



It has been two weeks since I reported this issue and not a word from Pi-Top support. I also posted it as a ticket but the ticket was closed by Pi-Top without any reply being given. I have also asked repeatedly for someone from Pi-Top to contact me, but there has been no response. So, I have a Proto Shield that works only occasionally, and no communication from it's supplier on how to proceed. Really disappointed with (a) my Pi-Top, which arrived late and worked for 10 minutes before becoming faulty (b) my Proto Shield that works occasionally (c) the lack of technical support and (d) the lack of customer service.
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