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Battery status display on desktop pannel

Right now you can type "pt-status" in a console window, but there is no continuous battery status display while you are on the desktop.

I have therefore created a little program to display the pi-top battery status on the desktop. It displays a small icon on the task bar.

To download, use the browser and navigate to

Then search in github for pi-top-battery-status

Installation instructions are there.

Questions and suggestions for improvement are most welcome.

Bruce, sorry that it took a few days to modify and test pi-top-battery-status to work for any user with the proper privileges. You should now be able to install it for other users than pi. Please see the comment at the bottom of the file about adding the necessary privileges for other users. Please let us know whether it works now for you.

Thanks for the update, Rene! I'm fiddling with the new version now.

Finally here as requested by many users! A battery icon in the system tray on the right side of the desktop panel for users of pi-topOS.

If you are using pi-top-battery-status on pi-topOS, consider using instead. It displays the battery icon in the system tray.

The latest version of pi-topOS takes care of low battery warnings and shuts down the pi-top properly if the battery charge gets too low. These functions in pi-top-battery-status are therefore not required anymore. pi-top-battery-widget just displays the battery icon and does not interfere with pi-topOS in any other way.

pi-top will soon release a version of their device manager (see of standard Raspbian. Once this is released, users of standard Raspbian on the pi-top will also be able to use pi-top-battery-widget. 

Your feedback is most welcome.

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The latest pi-top device management software is now also available for Raspbian Stretch. This is now the recommended way to use Raspbian Stretch on any pi-top and is a pleasure to use. For installation instructions, and two little programs to optimize the user interface (including the battery icon in the system tray), see

Rene, I have just powered up the Pi-Top after a couple of weeks rest to find another software update due. This is not related?

Where can I find an easy to read guide to using Github?/

I am having trouble with the memory doubler program. The available doubled memory rapidly fills and the Pi-Top freezes with no available memory. Advice has been received to reduce the "swappiness" value to 1, but this has not altered the behaviour. Memory leakage or garbage collection failure?

A fully working memory doubler really would be a revolution for both the Pi-Top and RPi in general?

Yes, the newest update from pi-top fixes some bugs and is required. Sorry for the short answer,my long answer got eaten by the forum software.

To see my github repository, just type in your browser

If you want to learn how to publish on github, type in your browser

Then do the hello world guide


After x2 replacements following non-recoverable battery issues and following all the contributions from the usual suspects and the latest Pi-Top OS upgrades I am facing a battery pack that again is refusing to accept a charge! *

What should I do to find the source of the 'apparent' problem before taking any action? What is the revised action list?

Thank you in advance

* When the charger cable is unplugged, the Pi-Top immediately switches off, "pop!"

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