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xscreensaver out of date splash sceen

I get a nasty message from xscreensaver being out of date during bootup.

Does anybody else have this problem?

Is there a newer version available anywhere?

What can be done to get rid of it without braking the power management?

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Yes, I have the same issue. Pops up after each reboot. Must have come "with" one of my daily updates. 

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I have in the mean time done some research on this topic and found, that this is a problem of the stable debian release and happens since April 1 on most debian linux based systems. A new stable release is made approx. every two years, whereas the writer of xscreensaver believes that 2 year old software is very old. I was able to fix it with the command

  sudo apt-get install xsceensaver

This installs a newer version without the splash screen (at least for a while). I found up to now no problem with this, but be aware that this installs a version which is not (yet) part of the stable release nor the current pi-top release and could therefore potentially cause problems. It is therefore a good idea to first make a backup of the SD card.

Personally I believe that putting such time bombs in software is a very bad idea. We as users should be allowed to use software as long as we want without being harassed by the writer of the software.

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