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Element Mining

The Si I collect does not seem to be getting added to my inventory when I Collect.  The Cu, Al, Au all seem to have no problems.  Am I doing something wrong?  Also, I cannot seem to get the door to show up as an option to provide electricity to after getting out of the mine.  It is the one requiring 6 Kw.  I have build the power station and required solar panels.  Any suggestions?

Haven't got as far as you yet. Mining program doesn't take me anywhere even though the mining machine has passed through all minerals and returned to the start?! TIPS?

Would also love some tips as I only get as far as building power and solar panel and have to keep exiting game to be able to get one chance at building then it goes red again so have to exit.  Very annoying as it looks like it has so much potential.  Will keep my eye on this forum and see if it gets a little more life as it becomes more popular.

As long as the drillbot passes over an icon during the run it will collect it. I tested it by skipping over one or two and it didn't collect them. I'm having problems building the drill. All of my other builds work no problem. Any suggestions?

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