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Pi-Top OS Update script fails: Can't find /home/pi/.pi-top

 I attempted to run the update script documented in the Solutions as "The first patch / update". The script fails, claiming that it can't find the directory /home/pi/.pi-top. I manually verified that the directory is indeed absent. How can I rebuild this directory?

This script is a script for an old version of pi-top -os . Your version updates automatically when you log in.

Does it still update if you log in as a guest?

I don't know.

Because I am an experienced Raspberry Pi user I am using "sudo apt-get update" followed by "sudo apt-get upgrade" from time to time in a terminal window. I need this for the work I am doing on the pi-top. I noticed that I am also getting pi-top updates automatically this way (the latest one yesterday), but I have not checked with pi-top support whether they recommend this procedure. I would suggest that you do not try it unless you have some experience with the Raspberry Pi and not without having first made a backup of your SD card. I am not aware of any problems with it, but one can never be sure.

In any case don't do a "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade". I have seen that this creates problems with the pi-top-os user interface.

By the way I have opened a ticket with pi-top support regarding fixing the "The first patch / upgrade" answer in Solutions.

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