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pi-top passwords


 I recently good my new backside of the pi-top and reinstalled po-topOs... now I wanted to install software via "add/remove Software" but therefore I need the password for pi or root and... well it is not the normal raspberry. Does anyone know which the normal password is?


the new  password for the pi user is pi-top


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super duper...


it works. ;)

Had the same question, Thanks for the answer!!!

Have to re=ask.  pi and pi-top did not work on my system, said problem logging on?

ahh ken, that user and password are used for root access.  The login at the dashboard requires the login you used on the pi-top page where you ordered you pi-top.

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I know its for root access but I bought the top from Adafruit. I log on here in the forums with my Facebook login.

Thanks for the reply!!

I guess I should have actually asked questions to get the correct answers. Maybe someone a little better than me can help you.

No Prob, I know just enough to be dangerous! Guess its no big deal if I need root I can always use sudo su...

I am trying to install a USB HD and I was able to install gparted with the pi and pi-top password. Now when I go and try running  the gparted program it's telling me, it will only work with the root user. Question, what is the root users password for my pi-top.

run gparted as the superuser and see if that fixes the issue.

sudo gparted

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thanks. I will give this a try.

A real newbee to Pi-Top and wonder if there is a login/logoff option I can't seem to find? Is there a way to have multiple users on the same Pi-Top with protected files?

I am having a problem logging in. It is not letting me use my password- it has not changed and says it already exists. Help! How can I get in? 

Hey people, I'm trying to change permissions as a folder is owned by 'root' but it says permission denied so do you think if I log in as superuser it will work? How do you log in as superuser?
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