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Missing parts, HDMI cable, USB power cable, Wi-Fi Dongle & Bad LCD case

I bought my Pi-top from Adafruit in the US.  I reported my problems to them and they directed me to you.  How do I get replacements please?

My LCD casing has up to  1mm gaps and a 5.5 mm ward away from the case.

The bottom covers came sagging because the magnets fell out. 

(97.7 KB)
(91 KB)
(83 KB)
(82.1 KB)

Welcome to the user forum. I propose that you open a ticket (near the top right corner of the page) to get in touch with pi-top.
With one thing I can probably help. The raspberry pi 3 has built in wifi chip. You do not need a dongle anymore.

That would require a PI3 - I have a Pi2.  The pi-top was designed for the Pi2 was it not?

Yes, it was designed for and works well with a pi2.
I inspected your pictures in detail and have an idea what the problem with the "bad lcd case" could be. When you put the bottom with the battery and the top with the keyboard together, it is very important to arrange the 3 cables (hdmi, power, keyboard) in a way which ensures that they don't lay on top of each other. If that is the case, the top with the keyboard and touch pad gets bent and prevents the lcd top to fit properly. Also, the keyboard might not work well in this situation. There is not much space for the cables. My pi-top is straight between P7 and the right edge (see attached picture). It is slightly bent near P7.
(1.94 MB)

Did you see the gaps in the lcd case between the front and back casing?  It is impossible for this to be  a cable problem in the bottom case.  There are no cables installed, they were not included.  The pictures are with no HDMI or power cable.  See the attached photo with motes.

(87.7 KB)

Can you close the lid on your pi-top and take side photos for comparison to my system?

Here are the photos

(58.6 KB)
(51.6 KB)

Thank you for the pictures. It looks similar to mine just not as much deviation.

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