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How to remove the keyboard top case?

I have a replacement LCD coming.  Now I will need to disassemble the case.  What is the best way to do this?  The front "snap on" connectors don't feel like they will come apart without breaking by applying upward pressure.

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Hi there,

I have had to take my Pi-Top apart a few times. You are right: it feels as if it will be break, but if you do the following carefully, it should be ok:

I start on the right hand side, to the right of the touch pad. You can pull by putting your hand underneath of the touch pad via the sliding access space (remove the cover, obviously!) Once I have one of the snap connectors free, the rest come apart quite quickly. I use a plastic tool to keep the space open, while using another tool to prise open the next snap connector.

When the keyboard finally comes free, be careful: the USB keyboard connector cable and the cable from the on/off switch to the hub are both short, so don't pull the keyboard too far from the base.

You should be fine. It is a bit nerve-wracking, but it does work. Good luck.



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