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Can't buy CEED on your website

I added 3 CEEDS then every time I add the Protoboard it knocks the CEEDs out of the cart.  I can't seem to buy everything at once.  Shipping is $30 to the US so ~$7 protoboard for a total of $37 is not going to happen.  Tell me the secret to this please.

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Similar issues with trying to pay for shipment of the CEED Speaker I ordered for my Pi-Top. I received an email asking for payment, clicked on the hyperlink and tried to enter my credit card details. The app allowed me to enter them and even showed a green tick when I pressed Enter. But, every time it returns to the Account details and asks again for credit card details to process the order. I have tried using Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc., on Windows and Android, but the problem persists. Have sent a support email to Pi-Top and waiting for reply. Anyone else have this issue? Any idea of a solution?
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