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Perspex cover should slide the other way

One thing I really like about pi-top (that everybody else seems to hate) is the fact that the USB ports are deeply recessed and protected under the cover. This means I can leave USB dongles plugged in while travelling. However, in order to access said ports, I have to slide the perspex cover off practically all the way -- because it slides off to the right rather than the left.

With the current configuration, gradually sliding back the cover gives access to the hub first (why do I need that?) and the USB ports last. If the cover slid the other way instead, I would only need to partially open the cover in order to access the USB ports.

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A late response. Yes, that would be far more logical, but, of course, there is no solution for those with the current model of the Pi-Top.


A diy solution might be a 2 piece slide. The slide tracks have multiple segments that might make this an option.

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Quick fix: Plug in a short USB extension lead: Plug your devices into that. This additionally saves wear & tear on the RPi's ports.


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