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How much current does your project draw?

With your pi-top and the battery-top-battery-status display you can now see how much current your hardware draws. Without any ampere meter, just using the one built into the pi-top battery pack!


Pi-top, brightness 3: -196 mA

Pi-top, brightness 10: -296 mA

Connecting 64Mb USB stick: Additional -16 mA

Compiling Arduino program, rpi 30% busy: Additional -70 mA

All these measurement are done in the battery pack at the current voltage of 16.5 V. The current voltage of the battery can be seen in the batteryLog.txt file. It is normally in the range of 12.0 V to 16.5 V.

For my projects this is an extremely interesting additional information, and it is so easy to obtain. I think this is also interesting for the classroom. Lets observe and save power and learn how to calculate power:

power = current x voltage

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One additional example. Connecting a mbot ranger to the pi-top for firmware programming, see atached picture: Additional -40 mA, - 0.66 Watt
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