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Nice but ... rail covers and bad smell

Overall I'm really happy with the Pi-Top but to be a truly great product it needs some work.

No Wifi dongle despite being mentioned on the parts list from RS and being in the manual.

Bad smell of glue they used on the foam.

Manual could show where everything is packed.

Some instructions mention what you need and some things are not mentioned that you do need.

Rail cover magnets fell out after taking them off the first time so they won't go back on now.

2 people have this problem

If you have the pi3 you don't need the dongle. It has on board wifi.

Understood, but the parts list and instruction manual state there is a wifi dongle included.

I would like to know when I get one.

So far I have vague emails and no concrete delivery time.

I do not quite understand how a Pi-3 made in Wales gets packed into a box in Shenzhen to be shipped back to the UK. 

There seems to be a lot of praise of the box it's packed in from the ceed people, but surely the contents are more important.

All in all I am worried.


I purchased mine in Hong Kong through RS and they still have stock. I notice that the component list on the PI-TOP website doesn't mention Wifi dongle anymore so maybe they've changed it for the pi3 and I got an old one.

Certainly is an attention grabber. I primarily bought it for school to promote the robotics/coding club and I've already had lots of y9 - y12s stopping in their tracks saying "That's so cool!" especially when I show them the slide out cover for the prototyping breadboard.


Well I got a response about some of my concerns...

Thank you for getting in contact with us. :)

So, I've checked your pi-topCEED order and I can confirm that it has been processed for shipping and should be with you within the next  7 - 10 working days! :)

If you do not receive you pi-topCEED order within the next 7 - 10 working days please get in contact with us and we will be able to help you further. :)

All the best,


In response to the the query about Raspberry Pi 3s, they are bought and shipped from Wales to Shenzhen. :)



Always the delivery time/date is put back, but the boxes look nice.  Maybe I will get more fun out of the packaging.

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