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Can we have Pi-Top and Pi-TopCEED sections for the community forums?

I know they are essentially the same, but it seems CEED users can benefit from a separate section that might have CEED specific problems, feature requests, etc.

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Yes, please. That would be helpful.

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Probably easier to raise a support ticket for this. The Pi-Top team are notoriously shy of the forum, if they come here at all. They do however respond to tickets. I think that would be your best shot.

Makes sense. I'll do that as well.

Indeed true. I was in for a slight uneasiness with my daughter  - all gaga over the brand new pi-topCeed - when it did not boot up for the first time. Guess the power - on button is a hard nut to crack and advise to hit the hub straight away in case if others have the same issue.

But the Pi-Top team did indeed respond to my query at lightning speed.
Cheers !


I got a fast response with a support ticket but then it dropped off completely of late and I haven't resolved everything yet. So mixed experience there. But yes a pi-topCEED forum would be important for community to share experiences in one clear place.


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