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Problem with plastic covers slots for mounting screws

I have a problem with plastic covers slots for mounting screws. They are fitted with small magnets, which gradually fall. Can it be somehow secured? Can you send me a replacement?


My suport ticket request on the same case was closed without any reply.

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Same thing happened to mine too.  The magnets just came out of the plastic nibs that mount to the pi board.  I think they forgot to glue them into the plastic.

Same here. I run a primary school code club and as long as this issue remains unresolved I cannot in all honesty recommend these as the way forward for us. It's just too risky to leave the kids to plug/unplug usb peripherals. The casing and pi are at risk of damage from heavy handed kids if the pi cannot reliably remain secured in place.
I was looking for an unboxing of the CEED and found this one where he mentions the magnet issue. It's at the 2:00 minute mark if you don't want to watch the whole thing.
Video talking about this issue.


I just used a little glue to secure them back in and I haven't had an issue since. 

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I used a hot glue gun on the magnets when I first opened the box. Problem solved.


Yup - same here all magnets came out - so a small dab of superglue in the plastic fitting (mind fingers) has now secured MagClips - minor irritant but easily fixed !!

seems the mag clips will not fit into the pi3 motherboard ? any ideas ?

solved mag clip install today on pi3 with gentle plier squeeze, seemed to do the trick and now all 4 mag clips installed ok into motherboard and pi3 now in pi-top on mag rail

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