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On-Screen Keyboard (Pi-TopCEED)

One thing I found annoying when I turned on my Pi-TopCEED the first time was a lack of on-screen keyboard, most peripherals I own are Bluetooth, I keep a USB mouse around to set up a Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse and then work from there. However Bluetooth does not appear to exist as a feature of Pi-TopOS and I have no way to add the feature without a keyboard. Now I have to obtain a USB keyboard just to get started, it would help to have an on-screen keyboard built in to the OS to avoid this problem.

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I agree, onscreen keyboard is an absolute necessity. And I was unpleasantly surprised when I found that one of the marquee new additions in rPi 3 , bluetooth, is not working by default in pitopOS.

Just unpacked and put together my awesome looking Pi-TopCEED and am now faced with the opening screen waiting for a USB keyboard and mouse. Bluetooth setup would be nice with ESC key from a connected keyboard to abort. Now off to the store to buy an old fashion keyboard. Definitely would have liked an onscreen keyboard at the boot screen.
Have you guys since had any luck getting BT keyboard to work using onboard BT on Pi3 ??


Not with the stock OS

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