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Pi-Top CEED Pi to Hub Board Connection

I see that the Pi-Top CEED comes in two versions: one with a full 40 pin connector going to the hub board and one with a few small jumpers instead. 

First, why are there two versions? What determines which one we get? 

Second, if we get the one with the small jumpers (which only connect six of the pins, I think) are we then unable to use the Pi-Top Protoboard? I can't see how we could use it if only a few of the pins are brought over from the Pi.

I've seen both types of Pi-Top CEED in person now. I haven't gotten mine yet but I'm worried it will be one without the full 40 pin connector.

I just got the one with the 40 pin connector :(

That's a good thing as long as you want to use the Pi-Top Proto board. Without the full 40 pin connector, the Proto board cannot be used.

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