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Received pi-topCEED yet?

 Are people receiving their pi-topCEEDs yet, especially in North America? I would have expected to received mine by now.

I cannot enter my payment details for postage. Each time I do so I get a green tick, but am then transferred back to Re-entered my payment details. Apparently this is a known problem for overseas buyers. My bank account shows I now have 5 pending transactions for $10 US. What will happen to these?

It's been a couple of weeks now and tech support haven't offered a fix yet.


Promises are readily available, postage is quite contentious.

I am in the UK and NO.

Mine is overdue I believe...

14 June 2016 at 16:21


Thank you for getting in contact with us. :)

So, I've checked your pi-topCEED order and I can confirm that it has been processed for shipping and should be with you within the next  7 - 10 working days! :)

If you do not receive you pi-topCEED order within the next 7 - 10 working days please get in contact with us and we will be able to help you further. :)

All the best,


Being pedantic, I know it is barely 10 days, but the carrier are supposed to contact me 2 days or so prior to delivery, is my understanding.  No such contact.

Therefore it is late again for the umpteenth time.


carrier is


Well it seems I have gone from 1 - 2 weeks, to 1 - 2 days.

So still only likely to be 2 - 3 months late.


Thank you for getting in contact with us.

I can confirm that the order and it's shipping cost has been paid for and our logistics partners now has the order.

Once our logistics partner sends out the order you will be issued a tracking code via email. This should happen by the latest within the next 24 - 48 hours.

Please get in touch if you have any further questions.

All the best,


Just to confirm I am in the UK, and those in Canada may well have to wait a while.


I checked the tracking number today and noticed that it was shipped using DHL and on their site it shows that it had arrived with a note "shipment held available on receipt of payment". I'm a bit upset that duty is tacked onto the total cost of this product. I've ordered so many things from China and overseas and never paid duty. I was once burned by DHL badly in the past (long story for another day) and and not too happy to have to deal with them again. In the end, I went on their website and paid the Canadian $28.30 extortion money that they are charging.


I should have added that I will probably be able to pick it up from their local depot in the next day or two.


The duty fees are ridiculous for canada. 30$CAD over the already 30$USD shipping fee and the 70$USD (100$CAD) CEED. This will end up costing me 200$ for a screen and some cable...

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So true. I doubt that i would have ordered if i knew up front that DHL was their prefered shipping method because i know from first hand experience what that means.
My first time with this method of buying, and hopefully the last.  Promises, pics of pretty boxes, and a lot of hype.  I was amazed at the concept of 10 tons of ceed's awaiting despatch completely bewildering them.

How many being made x weight = problems.  It is a fraction of a container load.

Why aren't they shipped by the pallet load to the country, for me the UK, then broken down and done individually to the recipient.

The Pi-Top people are good at promotion, crap at production, and even worse at posting & packaging.


Just got mine today. Yay

I just got mine today, updating it as I type this! It's really sleek.

I forgot to mention i'm in North America, came by DHL

I got mine today, California.


Thanks for the heads up.