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Screen Brightness since update

 Since the latest version of the Pi-Top OS installed, I'm greeted with the very colourfull new dashboard and login screen which is great....

However, I'm facing a problem with the screen since this update. 

If I set the screen brightness in the dashboard and then click the desktop icon to switch to desktop mode after abour 3-5 seconds the screen brightness reduces to zero and I have to increase the brightness by using the keyboard.

This isn't the screensaver cutting in or anything as I have the screensaver disabled.


This only seems to happen when I am logged in on the dashboard.
If I skip the login and just go straight to desktop mode this problem seems not to happen.
Any ideas anyone?

I have this problem also, but its been happening to me since day 1 (which was a over a year ago).

My screen works randomly since yesterday , just fades out , sometimes  moving the mouse revives it others it just ignores me.. I am running normal Raspbian-Jessie with pt-hub-controller loaded.


Just some feedback, my problem has something to do with running Raspbian, it did an update yestearday and something changed. Just loaded PiTopOS and its fine.
Will have to see if i can work on PiTopOS for my development...



pt-hub-controller is the problem. It is not fully compatible with the newest Raspian. I suggest to go to and install the software there into a new version of Raspbian (without pt-hub-controller). It will work nicely. No problems reported in the last several months!
how do I shutdown the pi-top when i can't see the interface?? I can't use power button as last time i tried that it damaged my micro sd and had to start over with new card??


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