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No Desktop on boot


I seem to have a similar issue to someone else, but I could not post on that thread, where the Pi Top does not make it to the standard Linux boot up screen (drivers etc).  I get a blank screen.

I have included a picture of my Pi Top, just in case one of my connectors don't look right to an expert.


(3.25 MB)

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The same happened to me after downloading the latest pi-topOS image today. Exactly as David Lawrence described two months ago. The touch pad and keyboard did not work while the screen with „get started“ was displayed. The power button still worked and I was able to shut down the Raspberry Pi gracefully using the power button. The next boot worked properly.

Hi all.  in my case, the cable to the keyboard came unplugged at the keyboard end.  

I reconnected it and hot-glued it in place.  the connector does not lock 

and is easily pulled out when inserting headphones.  


Same issue here. I have a brand new Pi-Top. Assembled it (did this already several times, we're using these in the office) and the first start showed no problems.
I didn't change the system, didn't make any updates or else. I just started once to check if everything is running fine. Obviously I had to go through the initial setup process, that was all.
Then, when I tried to start a second time I encountered the black screen problem. I can see the backlight is working, but there is nothing on it. No even the boot messages. Nothing. The OS seems to boot normally, as it's possible to shutdown the system regularily using the power switch.
I booted with another SD-card holding a standard raspbian, but the effect is still the same. Black screen.
When I connect to the HDMI of the RasPi directly everything is working fine. So my guess is that it has to be a problem with the Pi-Top Hub (mk1).
I already tried unmounting the hub from the battery for some time (more than an hour), but I had no luck.
Is it possible to reset the hub to factory settings somehow?

Did you guys manage to fix this?

Pi-Top support team told me to issue replacement part request for Hub.

And this is 3 months already since then and I still haven't received my replacement Hub.

The replacement part hadn't come on the date they told me it should come..

And when I asked them, they just replied that there are delay in production and that I have to wait for another month... This delay happens to me 3 times already since September...

So I want to ask whether anyone of you guys really received replacement part??


Chulayuth A. (Nok)

No, didn't fix it yet. I requested a replacement part mid november and didn't receive anything yet, not even an e-mail notice or something.
That's somehow disappointing.

I also asked if I could flash the firmware myself to try to fix the issue myself, but the answer was:

"Unfortunately all HUB firmware updating and management is carries out at our factory in China.

This code is currently not prepared for public released."

I am having this issue with a new Pi Top. Lights on, flashing, startup, then eventually just a blank screen. I have discovered however that I can hit the Pi top dashboard button on the keyboard and the screen will come on to the dashboard. If I try to run anything from there however it just goes back to the blank screen. So it's on and running, but running anything besides the Pi top dashboard results back to the blank screen.
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