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Box contents


I wonder what contents did you receive in your box?

I was a backer on indiegogo and ordered the $99 package with rpi2 and the (I think) $15 speaker(s)

I got the ceed, extra acrylic slice, rpi3

I think I'm missing the extra speaker after reaching the stretch goal and (maybe still on delivery) extra speaker I ordered.

In some unboxing videos I also saw a proto-board being part of the package.

Am I missing this one, too or was it to be ordered separately?


I had the sme inside as you, but additional the speaker, for that i paid also extra shipping fees.

The prototype board was not included...

Nobody else missing a speaker?
Was the proto-board included?
Support told me it was supposed to, but stopped answering.


Speaker was inside, but they told me that the prototype board cannot be include in the package, so i did not order one...

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