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Using a USB Speaker with the pi-top Ceed...

 As with a lot of folks, I was excited to see a wonderful indiegogo page that gave the 99 dollar option to support a meaningful project like this one and I jumped on it. I received the computer and it is GREAT! It does what I would expect it would even with some game bugs.


 This leads me to one problem...I didn't buy the add on speaker for 20 bucks due to already having a pair of JBL Pebble usb speakers. I use a wireless sony headset with my 8-core main computer so I figured I'd just put the unused speaker to use since my young son only cares about minecraft, YouTube ... and well nothing else matters to a kid still learning his 123's and ABC's ;)

 It sadly doesn't work. The tab for sound shows that the speakers are indeed there and select-able, but even selected they don't put out sound :( I made sure that they weren't muted, still no luck.

 Next I consulted the god we all know of as GOOGLE. Turns out you can use a command in 'accessories ->Terminal'  aplay -l . This tells you the hardware for playback and more importantly their priority.

 It seems that the onboard sound called 'Alsa' is in card slot '0', and my pebble speakers is in card slot '1'.

 There must be a file some where that needs a simple change some where....but that is where I am stuck. I have no idea where to look for this, and also what to change when/if i did find the correct folder.

Would be great if some one could help me out.

Thanks in advance!

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I did some more playing around and found something called 'alsamixer'.

If anyone else is having problems with using USB speakers with the pi-top Ceed this is how you easily change the default in about 10 seconds to any 3rd party speakers/sound card.

step 1: in the 'menu'
                          -> sub-menu : Accessories -> select 'terminal'
when the terminal window comes up , type in (with out quotes) "alsamixer" and hit enter

Step 2 :
Another window will open and it's where you select which sound output is default.Press F6 and use the up/down arrow to select your speakers/sound card. hit esc and you're done! play music (I used youtube to test..) to test it out and you should be good to go.


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