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Pi-Top Ceed Hub not powers RPi3 board - no screen

I've got Pi-top Ceed (PTC) without customs today in Slovenia, Europe but seems that has problem showing on screen after RPi3 boots but it boots only powered by micro-USB to USB cable connected on my PC while it doesn't boots by PTC power button. Green and red light are flashing alternately while on hub board green LED powers on after a few seconds like it is in ready mode as it should lit constant. I have tested RPi3 board with USB and HDMI cable on PC screen and boots normal to setup screen.

Connections are all checked that there is no loose cable. It has GPIO 40 pin cable. How I test that PTC screen works? I have connected Pi-Top speaker on hub on right side of board.

You can disconnect the 40 pin cable at one end and remove the speaker to see whether one of these causes the problem. The RPi3 should boot without these. The only connections between RPI3 and hub needed for a simple boot are the USB power cable and the hdmi cable. Does it boot if you use the power cable from the hub and connect the hdmi to your pc screen?

I have tested that combination already. I have checked that forum before I have written topic on it. RPi3 works only without hub connected. On PC monitor by HDMI and USB cable. On PTC power on and boots only by micro-USB connected to RPi3 board but there is no screen. Power button on PTC doesn't boot hub to power RPi3 and screen. 

I think you need to open a ticket and ask pi-top for support.

I had a similar problem, that was caused by a bad connection on the display connector. You can carefully check the display connection on the hub

Detailed picture.

No answer after I have send them video of error as they requested. That was a 10 days ago.

I am having the same problem with my 2nd machine in 2 weeks ( my first having been returned to supplier in uk) no power to the hub and to the pi3 and no screen. Not much use for anything. Help.

I've got replacement hub from them after a while and it worked since then.

Many thanks I will try that route .
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