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Just as a 'friendly advice' from a backer, supporter and a great believer in the pi-top hardware / software concept(s) I think it would be useful for the pi-top TEAM to make a statement on progress in general - NOW !! There's 6 months since any official statements have been made on blog / forum from the TEAM - this is NOT good enough - although I can appreciate that you will be busy handling rollout / shipping. Pretty Please with Sugar on ; TALK to us !! 

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I agree.


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Yes, I don't get why this is such a problem for Kickstarter projects, but this is a great project. Why the silence? I'm sure you're busy, but why not reach out to the forum to find a volunteer ambassador who could do it? The worst thing would be if this project failed. It's so important for the Pi community!

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Are they afraid of the forum or something? It sure doesn't make the product look good...

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Agree, very intermittant support on forum for all the bugs/problems I am facing. I backed the project in the hope of having a great learning tool for my daughter, to date since trying to run a dist-update in order to pair a BT keyboard I have had nothing but probelms and fought for day trying to reflash micro SD cards etc, all a learning curve but not a great start to my pi-top expereince!!. A little more help via forums would be good. When it does come it is good and very welcome but waiting 2 days at a time for the next step of a solution can be very trying

why suggest for someone to run an update which then makes the device unusable?? ;(

Finally ,  have learned the hardway that using the power button to shutdown a frozen pi-top can cause issues, I believe I sufferd  'hot bit' and my origional micro sd that shipped is now retired!! but what is best practice to reboot a frozen pi-top if keyboard is unresponsive??

Thanks guys


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