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How to put battery into shipping mode

How can I prevent the battery from damage when the unit is disconnected for some time? I came back to a unit that had previously had a successful firmware update and the battery seemed totally dead.* Another unit (yes, I own two) is going to be left alone for a month or so and I can't trust the people involved to plug it into the wall. 

*I wound up bringing it back to life by repeatedly issuing the firmware update again and typing pt-battery in Terminal after I got a message that the firmware was successful until the percentage increased past zero. The latter may have been voodoo, but at first, after a few successful pt-battery commands, I'd get an error. This made me think that maybe the battery was falling back asleep or into it the fugue state it had been in. My thought was that by repeatedly issuing the command, I'd keep it awake.  

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It is possible to put the battery back in shutdown (shipping) mode using terminal commands, but I do not advice to do it. All calibration data would be lost and calibration would have to start from scratch again. The intelligent battery controller reports that about 4 mA are still consumed if everything is shut down, which would mean that a full battery would last roughly a month. But I believe that the current measurement at such a low current is not very accurate, and the actual current consumed is lower. Actual discharging on my pi-top when I left it alone for a few days was always in the order of less or equal to 1 % capacity. Therefore, a full battery will last about 3 months or more. My advice is to fully charge the battery before leaving it alone. Also, I have seen that my pi-top started onc or twice during transportation. You should therefore check whether it is really turned off (all leds off) before you leave it alone for a month.
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