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12 V Power Supply for the Pi-top CEED

I see the power supply for the Pi-Top CEED gives out 18 V. Will it run on a 12 V supply? Wanted to use it in my van.



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I would expect the answer to be yes, but details on the spec of the CEED PSU are hard to find, so for now NO.


Thanks John. Disappointing the hardware isn't more open considering what it's supposed to be.. 


Not really.

What happens is that a specification and price gets agreed.

Then the supplier finds a cheaper way of doing it, usually to the detriment of the product, and since the buyer has no quality control inspectors in place it normally goes undetected until...

However you are right in thinking that a fuller description should be available, RS Components only have the same sheet that is included in the box, so there was no extra info there.


A poorly made/designed PSU can cause all sorts of localised interference/harmonic disruption.

If i find anything more helpful I will try and add it to this.

Is there any update on this? I am hesitant about using an additional boost converter. Did anybody tried other voltages than default 18V? For example common car battery voltage of 12V as a power input? 

For your interest: I just tried it directly with a 12V power supply and it works perfect!

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Cheers Shred. Good to know

I've been running my pi-topCEED off of a 12V (13.8v really) battery backed up power supply

for the past week with no apparent ill results.  Your mileage may vary... :)

Does anyone have experience with using something like this on a CEED

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