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Freezes when setting up WiFi

Either during the setup process, or even if that step is skipped, when setting up wifi as soon as "Select a Wifi Network" is clicked the entire system freezes. Must force a reboot. Have yet to connect to wifi whatsoever. I am using a Pi3.

Since you are using a Pi 3 you could try using a external wifi adapter like the Edimax. I did this with my pi top at first then the onboard started to work. Dont know if this will work for you but worth a try.

Thanks. Actually found a solution last night. I exited the Pi-top front end and edited my network settings through chromium. They may want to address this bug, but at least I found a work around. I'll keep your idea in mind if I find that others I know have a similar issue.

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Great glad its working for you! A lot of people seam to have problems with the Pi 3 and wyfi.

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