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Pi-Top Dashboard Crashes when signing in

Hello, I am fairly new to Linux and trying to operate my pi-top. It seems that when I try to login the dashboard to track my progress. After inserting my username and password the dashboard crashes almost immediately. Not sure if it's related but I had to manually change my time settings via the terminal. Also, for some reason the theme I choose does not save after reboot. Thanks for the help!

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Mine logs in ok but crashes whenever you try to do something useful with launching Chrome browser.

Yes this bug has been reported on the forum here both by myself and other users ; we are still waiting for a fix !! Support in this lacking a little bit of moment as I has it as a guess the PiTop team are trying to sort rollout / shipping of CEED !! Having said that I am disappointed in the lack of communication from the team - this coming from a true 'Pi Top Believer !!

Same. Love this pi-top but resolving the one main issue that I have with it has been frustrating.

Incidentally, they did mention recently that the software is due an update in maybe the pi-top s crash will be resolved. Hope so.


I have the same problem. I'm a teacher that's considering pi-tops for my class, but not if problems like these take forever to get fixed.

Are all of you still having the same problem?

Yes, still un-resolved. Was advised that an update was incoming in September but it wasn't here as of last weekend :(

Still haven't heard back from anyone. I had really high hopes for this and the Pi-Top OS.... 

You and me both! Regretting not buying a MIST fpga now or even an Armiga.

Same here, just seemingly fixed the battery charge issue via the patch, and was hoping to solve this.

Frankly, now that I am getting more familiar with how this thing works, I am leaning towards Ubuntu Mate or Fedora.

Hi, I installed pi-topOS new on this weekend, but I have the same problem with login at the dashboard.

Unfortunately, I have n idea to fix this problem.

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Same here after updates , no development on Pi-Top OS ????? When can we get the team to do a statement / update ?? Please ??

I have the same problem. Cannot login to start tracking progress.?  Is there a way to get the login accomplished via the command line, so I can at least get past this?

Just bought a Pi-TopCREED and conceptually it rocks, but finding answers is tough as sh...

I'm not an expert nor a stranger to DOS, Windows, IOS, or Linux and find the effort put into the out-of-box experience following the easy-to-follow instructions is obscured by a failure of icons to launch among other things. It simply shouldn't be this difficult.

Back to the drawing boards please and fix the issues or pull the product until its resolved.

I have an RPi3 with Ubuntu running without error for six months and this Pi-Top OS has been a huge disappointment, especially the lack of technical information so one might abandon the Pi-Top OS in favor of one more reliable until its issues are resolved.

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Good luck!

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