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So many Berryboot questions…

I'd like to use Berryboot on our Pi Top.

Berryboot, simply enough, allows you to boot multiple OS's on your Pi off one card. So for example, we would love to run Pi Top OS but also plain Raspbian and Retropie, plus maybe OpenELEC something dangerous like Kali Linux…   

In any case, I swear that I saw a Pi Top release for Berryboot, but can't find it anymore. Is there one out there? 

Second, maybe somebody has already installed Berryboot, in which case maybe they have an image (or tips for how to set up such an image) that I could install?

Third, I'd like to install the battery status pack that Rene Richarz has generously created for us, but i2c isn't enabled and I can't use raspi-config to add it since installing on top of Berryboot doesn't let me. Any way to add it in the Berryboot config editor? 

I just solved #3… 

I added the following lines to config.txt using the editor in Berryboot… (for what it's worth, I added it after 





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So now the battery app works. 

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Awesome thanks! But Pi Top isn't there. Any ideas?
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