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Avatar stuck on startup

We have a problem where sometimes the avatar gets stuck and cannot move with WASD – as if it were surrounded by invisible walls. 

Has anyone else had this problem? A few times we were able to restart the game and fix it, but this fix has stopped working.

Any help would be appreciated! We are having a lot of fun with the game so far :) 

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Yes.  I have had the protagonist get stuck and have to start a new game.  It happens when I stand close to something like a power generator.  I have been looking through the save game file to see if I can move the starting location and resume my game. 

Have you located the save files? I had the same idea but as yet I have not found them! If you share the file location with me, I would greatly appreciate it!

I did locate the save file and was able to move the player from being stuck.  The file is in /home/pi/.CEEDUNIVERSE/  .  You need to find the line that has the players position.  I will check my Ceed and post the line that needs to be changed.

Awesome! This is super helpful!

Ok the Save game file is /home/pi/.CEEDUniverse/savegames .  The line that needs to be modified on mine is line 35 the last line below.

<node id="4">

    <attribute name="Is Enabled" value="true" />

    <attribute name="Name" value="Player" />

    <attribute name="position" value=" 101.999 99.999 0" />  

Change the first two coordinate values to free your character from its stuck starting position.  You might have to experiment a little.  But I have successfully saved my spaceman from imprisonment this way.


   <attribute name="position" value="90.999 90.999 0" />

It worked super well! Just had to make the pi user the owner of the directory :)
Hey guys, I have just experienced becoming stuck and it's frustrating. will give this a go tomorrow! Thanks for your help!
When I look for the save game location I get permission denied, how did you make the pi user the owner of directory?

Do not change the ownership of theses files.  Better to to use a text editor like Nano or Vim.  Open the file like this

sudo vim "path to configuration file"


sudo nano "path to configuration file"

It will open with root read/write permissions.  I would take the time to learn vim it is very useful.

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