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Low Power warning ??

Anyone gettingĀ Getting Low Power warning after updates ?? How many amps is the supplied PSU meant to deliver ???

Are you talking about the little rainbow square on the screen, which shows up if the 5V of the rpi drops below 4.65V? I have never seen this on a pi-top, even after the newest update. The pi-top power supply should provide more than enough power under normal circumstances. Normally, this would be caused either by something drawing too much power on one of the usb connectors, or a bad cable between the power supply and the rpi. Is your power supplied through a usb cable between your hub-controller and your rpi, or only by the 40 pin connector? I propose to check the cabling between hub controller and rpi first.

well admittedly overclocked / slight over voltage BUT the power supply surely should handle this ???? Anyways - raised a ticket as Pi-Top team is not really keeping people updated :(

Hmmmmmm output 18V at 1 Amp - this obviously goes into controller board - then passed onto power out. BTW using the USB out as opposed to the rather clumsy GPIO pins as perspex lid snags in them.

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