New pi-topOS

Hi pi-top members,

The new pi-topOS has been released! :)

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I've somehow managed to get it working but my wallpaper disappears every time I boot.

I'm still trying t find a way of moving the home folder to a USB flash drive so I have some space to actually do anything as there's not much space left on the 8Gb card that comes with the CEED.


I had everything working fine, after spending several days trying to get the speaker to work!

Then it updated.

Now nothing works as it did, or as it should. I've lost my wallpaper, I can't even use my bluetooth keyboard/mouse because it says there's no bluetooth adapter.


I'm having a lot of trouble.

I can't login - my password is wrong

I can't get a password reset - no emails are being received

I can't create a new registration - on any platform, windows, andoid, CEED

When I start my CEED with the updated OS (downloaded just last night), I don't get a pixel splash screen, is this normal?

Any help/suggestions will be greatfully received

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The Pixel splash screen is now also included !


so Rene I was technically connected to the internet  BUT because I had NOT done the WiFi country option in Terminal ; sudoraspi-config - it would NOT play dice. Soon as I did that and rebooted - disconnected / reconnected to WiFi the login appears as if by magic. Power warning is down to poor USB cable - need to find a better quality short lead. Dashboard does NOT remember login though - nned to login every time you go back - not great really.

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going to do more testing Rene, NO I don't get LowPower warning with GPIO power - suspect poor USB lead. Internet was connected in the end but going to try again later. Overall very smooth OS now though - big improvements

Jarle, I looked at your nice video. I am worried about that low power indicator. I don't get that on my pi-top, but I do not have a pi-topCEED. Do you get that if you also connect power using the gpio, or can your power cable not handle the power required by the rpi 3? Also, when you were on the desktop, it showed no connection to the internet. That's probably the reason why you did not get a login button.

Tried it yesterday , feels a lot smoother - more testing to come as login seems to have disappeared from dashboard ??? Very RAW non-public 1st boot video here:

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Does this include the recent patch that the Raspberry Foundation released yesterday to fix Chromium log in issues and main menu crashes?

Also is there a way to stop the terminal window from opening to full screen everytime I use it?


Also...any chance that when we change the desktop wallpaper to one of the new PIXEL ones (usr/share/pixel-wallpaper) it stays that way after we reboot and not switch back to a pi-top one?

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