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Boot Pi-Top OS from USB drive?

 I have an 8Gb MicroSD card with Pi-Top OS on in my Ceed, there's only just over 1Gb of free space.

I'm wondering if its possible to connect a USB flash drive (32Gb) and either move my home folder to it or, preferable, move the Pi-Top OS to the flash drive and boot the Pi from that.

I've read a couple of tutorials on how to boot from a USB flash drive but just wondered if booting the Pi-Top OS would be the same.

pi-topOS is built on top of standard Raspbian. You should therefore be able to use any tutorial available for Raspbian on how to boot from an USB drive. I would use the latest pi-topOS only for this purpose. If you want to keep using SD cards, I recommend using a fast 16 GB SD card.

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Thanks Rene, I did try following a tutorial to boot from USB drive but it didn't work, all I got was a blank screen.
I think it will be easier to get a 16Gb SD card instead.


I have used this tutorial for Jessie with great success ; w w w
Thanks Jarle, I might try that later before I order a bigger card.
I have a 32Gb SanDisk USB drive that I was hoping to be able to use because its one of those low-profile ones, so there's no risk of it getting knocked because it sticks out too far.


Thanks again, I have just finished the process and CEED is not booting from the USB drive.

Wohoooo - result
Everything was working perfectly, then I made the mistake of updating. Now I am back to square one, the Pi isn't booting. I guess I'll have to start it all again !
Nooo - raise a ticket then - deffo something wrong with Pi-Top OS
So Rusty - did it work on 1st boot from USB - then stopped AFTER update ??? Did you do RPi update (firmware) as well ?? Did you do dist-upgrade ??
It was booting from USB and all working fine. I did sudo apt-get upgrade and got a lot of updates. Now when I boot it does nothing, presumably it isn't looking for the OS on the flash drive.
Then - if you can - do the USB tutorial AGAIN on top of it it will let you. Take SDCARD OUT insert to PC/Mac and look in /boot/config.txt - the. add; program_usb_boot_mode=1 to the end of /boot/config.txt. Reboot the Pi
Rusty - you on Twitter ???? I'm @jarjargeek ; hook up easier
I'very tried everything I can think of except completely redoing the tutorial, I didn't want to have to copy everything to the flash drive again but it looks like I have no choice. I'm seriously considering the other idea of just buying a bigger SD card.

Jarle, I have a Twitter account but I rarely use it.

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